Yesterday my little brother Tate got married to the sweet Elaine! It was a great day and I was happy to share their special day with them.
It was also Holly's birthday! So Happy 20th Birthday to her!

Me, Kathleen, and Holly (I'll post one with our new sister, Elaine, when we get them)

Mom and her girls

Me, Jared (Elaine's youngest brother) & Holly


Cupcake Wars

Our family had our very own Cupcake Wars this weekend. For those of you who watch FoodNetwork you'll know what I'm talking about. We had a list of ingredients we could use and had to use at least 2. Then we had judges come and score them based on taste, creativity of ingredients, and look. It was such a blast. The winners of this round will have a competition at our Christmas party!
Tate & Elaine's Mashed Potato & Gravy Cupcakes

The Winner Got this Trophy!
The cupcakes underneath were the winners!
Mom & Dad and Tate & Elaine tied for 3rd place.

The judges doing their judging duty..

The Winners!


Summer Summary!

This summer was soooo crazy! I had something going almost every week and weekend..so of course blogging took a backseat. So here are some quick highlights of the busy crazy summer I had :)
June...the sibs (minus Elder B) after cousin Jantzen's baptism.

July..Bear Lake with the Baxter fam

June...best friend's wedding

July...Girls trip to St. George (while dad was in Alaska!)

Tuachan in St. George

June..sibling campout and fishing at Strawberry....I was the only fish catcher the whole weekend!!

But i refused to touch them...thank goodness for brothers!

August...Elder Tate comes home!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!

I love this kid and am so glad he is home!

June...Yellowstone with the Carter family.

Had a scary experience with anaphylaxis! This was the beginning with my swollen hands...ended up in the ER a few hours later with a swollen tongue and face. Ugh!

August...YSA Campout! Love my sister!

YSA bestie..Lori Bodily :)

The end of summer...Labor Day...September. Shooting with the family.

All the girls!
Mom, Kath, Holly, Me, Elaine

The boys!
Summer was so busy and so fun.  I'm glad fall is on its way though. Hopefully things calm down and everything continues to be good :)


To blog or not to blog?

I was going to post pictures of my last few weeks of vacations and fun...but I'm pretty sure no one reads this anymore so I'm wondering what the point would be. Hmm... to blog or not to blog?


Let Summer Begin....

Its only the 1st week of June and I'm already cRaZy busy!!! This weekend alone, I had a baptism and a wedding, plus homestuff and just everyday things. It was so packed, but a blast nontheless!!
Me and the siblings after Jantzen's baptism. Love them! (cant wait to add Tate to these in a few months yay!)
Todd, Holly's head, me and cousin Brad! :)

Kasen, Reagan, and Ryker...babysitting/swimming adventures


Water fight with the Ley kids.

My best friend Michelle on her wedding day!

Me, Michelle and Jeff